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Hiking Heroes Bulletin Leadership

Helping the environment is not just for club members. Interested in joining our club or helping to save the environment? Here is how to get involved, whether that's from the comfort of your room to being an active Hiking Hero!

Join us on Monthly Hikes!

Anyone can join this club in any of our chapters across the US, whether that’s New Jersey, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Maryland. In our club, you can take part in our monthly hikes and trash pickups, contribute to events like soap making or hanging bird feeders, or help fundraise for different causes! 

Creating a New Chapter!

If you are interested in creating a new Hiking Heroes Chapter, reach out to for more information about requirements and how to get started. Creating a chapter is a great way to help local parks and your local community or just to enjoy the wildlife and be active.

Staying Environmentally Aware!

Other ways to make contributions at home is to pay attention to recyclable material (paper, glass, hard plastic, cardboard, and metal) and recycle organic materials to decompose and use as fertilizer. Donations are also available, like One Tree Planted, which Hiking Heroes has used to help plant trees across the world. Each dollar will plant one tree, which you can do at any time, anywhere.

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