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Meet the Team 


Project Director

Joshua Lee

Oakton High School, 10th

I enjoy socializing and communicating with the people around me from being on my rowing team and playing the violin. It's why I wanted the opportunity to help share with others and execute projects that will help our society. 


Chapter Coordinator

Claire Kim

Centerville High School, 9th

With the desire to help the environment become a cleaner place, I am proud to be a member of Hiking Heroes. Through this club, I want to continue contributing to the differences that Hiking Heroes makes.


Admin Assistant

Alex Lee

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, 10th

My name is Alex and I've been in Hiking Heroes for a little more than a year. I am appreciative to be a member of this club and the assets that they serve. My ambition to maintain the health of our environment drives me to continue supporting Hiking Heroes.



Chris Lee

Franklin Middle School, 8th

I like to play the viola and build stuff in my room. I thoroughly enjoy my job as a webmaster and help our planet.


Public Relations

Evan Lee

Langley High School 10th Grade

Hello, my name is Evan Lee and I am the Public Relations Officer for the 2022-2023 year for Hiking Heroes. I am excited to be a part of the staff this year to spread more awareness about the environment through cleaning local parks and working on various projects. It is meaningful to show our efforts and bring change to our communities.


Photographer/ Map Guide

Luie Hwang

Oakton High School, 11th

I enjoy wildlife and nature, which is why I chose the role of photographer.



Daniel Lee

Oakton High School, 9th

Hi! I’m Daniel Lee and I am one of the webmasters for the Hiking Heroes website. I enjoy biking outside and playing the violin. 


Other Members

Grace Kim, Ryan Chun, Sean Kim, Dowon Lee, Joshua Yoo, Lily Paek, Seungwoo Yoon, Amelia Cho, Andrew Hwang, Tony Park, Philip Cho, Alex Park, Kunal Anuje, Jiwoo Hwang


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