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Meet the Team 


Ashley Chon

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, 11th

Ever since I was young, my father and I went hiking all across the country. From the Appalachian to the Rockies, I have enjoyed every trail. But with more hiking experience, I started to recognize flaws in the sceneries I trekked past--trash, littered to the point where it was practically embedded into the mountains and streams.

We are blessed with beautiful scenes and hiking trails but what we give in return is plastic bottles, crushed styrofoam plates, and tin cans. From these observations bloomed Hiking Heroes. Originally a hiking club, as my passion for protecting the environment grew, Hiking Heroes began initiating environmental action as well. I hope Hiking Heroes inspires others to maintain a healthy well-being while being aware of today's environmental issues.



Joshua Lee

Oakton High School, 11th

The volunteering service experience I gained throughout my two years in high school has shifted my passion towards solely dedicating myself to helping others. Whether it's picking up a single piece of trash along a hiking trail or raising hundreds of dollars to fund national charities, each act of compassion has only made me wonder what I can do to make at least a little bit of difference in transforming society into a brighter place. I received the privilege of joining Hiking Heroes in 2020 and have risen from being a regular member to a project coordinator last term, and now I am the president. As Hiking Heroes has always remained a club in which environmental preservation and support towards broader issues remain the core of what we do, we look ahead to not only picking up trash like we consistently did in our local parks but also to expand upon our impact on a greater scale. Therefore, I pledge to lead in carrying out our core values as a club and also to expand upon my passion to support more people in need.


Evan Lee

Langley High School, 11th

We all have a responsibility to protect our home–the earth. Since my youth, I have been exposed to environmental issues through several outlets, whether it be researching climate change for a paper or witnessing people litter along our local trails. As my curiosity festered inside, I began searching for opportunities to contribute, even if it were only a little, to improve our environment. I eagerly joined Hiking Heroes in 2020 as a regular member ready to make an impact, and as of now, I am the president of this organization. As President, I will commit myself to be an eloquent advocate for environmental justice, prioritizing the promise of steadfast protection of our environment to permeate every facet of our collective work. From cleaning up popular hiking locations to raising money for charities, we hope to stretch this commitment to other areas with the intention of driving positive change within communities. With our guidance and passion, I strongly believe Hiking Heroes can make enormous reverberations for environmental conservation and raise awareness to foster collective responsibility for the planet.

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