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Letter from the Founder

Ashley Chon

Dear Reader,

      This bulletin is the fruition of a talented group of passionate students across the world. It is the culmination of the accomplishments Hiking Heroes has been able to achieve since its founding. This past year we have been able to award 12,000 volunteer hours to students through the Hiking Heroes Challenge, open a new chapter in Korea, help parks clear invasive species, and participate in beach clean-ups. 

     I’d like to recognize the leaders of the Hiking Heroes chapters for their hard work and passion in spreading our mission. It has been an incredible experience working with each of them. 

     Hiking Heroes was founded as a hiking club, but as times began changing and the effects of environmental damage became more pressing, Hiking Heroes broadened into an environmental club as well. The environment is an entity that is not under the responsibility of a single country, state, or individual but rather a single planet. As a society, we rely on the environment for the necessities of life and yet we continue to abuse it. Hiking Heroes aims to bring people together, the next generation of environmentalists, to reverse the effects of human interference over the past several decades. As the founder of Hiking Heroes, it has been an honor to work with those globally to reach this goal. 

     I hope you, reader, explore the opportunities we offer and the impact you can make through the effort and wealth of knowledge put into this, our third annual edition of the Hiking Heroes Bulletin. 


Ashley Chon

Founder/CEO of Hiking Heroes

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