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Letter From the Presidents

Evan Lee and Joshua Lee

Dear Reader,

   Before you read through the third issue of our bulletin, know that this has been full of challenges and progression that could not have been completed without the rest of our team. Contributions have not only stemmed from here in the central chapter of Virginia, but also from other writers in our North/South California, New Jersey, Maryland, and South Korea chapters. Additionally, we want to credit the guest contributors that submitted their artworks or writings to fulfill the content inside the bulletin. To everyone who poured their effort and time into creating this production, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

   Ultimately, our organization aims to spread the message of environmental preservation and support charities targeting humanitarian issues, and what you are reading is proof of said shared vision. As co-presidents of the Hiking Heroes Organization, we take tremendous pride in presenting our third, entirely student-led, issue of the bulletin. We hope as you read through each article that you realize although the world is filled with several predicaments ranging from impervious surfaces to irresponsible sourcing of natural resources, we can unify to discover unique solutions and overcome such feats through the simple things. It is a common trend throughout all of our works that any efforts, no matter how small, are extremely impactful towards preventing further deterioration of the world’s current environment. So we urge you, reader, to spread this message to anybody that you know and think about how you can make a difference for the rest of society. 

   To conclude this letter, we hope that you enjoy witnessing the hard work our whole organization has put into this project, and thank you so much for spending your time with us.


Evan Lee and Joshua Lee

Co-Presidents of Hiking Heroes

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