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Welcome to our Bulletin!

From picking up trash, to fundraising for Ukraine, Hiking Heroes has done a lot this year. To showcase this, we present to you our illustrations, articles, and accomplishments from 2022!

A Letter from Our Founder

When I founded this club, it was solely based on a wish: to share my passion and love for hiking with others. As our small group went on more hikes and started to notice the stress humans put upon the environment, our group officially committed ourselves to be environmental heroes, hence the club’s name, Hiking Heroes

Over the past several years, Hiking Heroes grew from a small club of only six members, based in Virginia, to a club with four chapters, in North California, South California, Maryland, and New Jersey with more than 40 members. All of this could not have been possible without the tremendous support of our families, teachers, friends, and community members. We especially had endless support through our Hiking Heroes Trash Pick Up Program during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This program not only helped bring further awareness to the climate crisis but also gave students who felt cooped up during the pandemic a mental and physical outlet. Due to the constant hard work we put into this program pre-pandemic and during the pandemic, we are able to continue our missions with an even stronger influence than before. 


As our club continues to grow and influence others, I hope to remember and maintain the original intentions of the club: sharing the passion for hiking and protecting the environment. 


Thank you to our incredible Bulletin team for helping put the second Hiking Heroes Bulletin together. 


I hope this year’s Bulletin inspires readers in ways our club has been able to inspire those internationally. 


Ashley Chon


A Letter from Our Presidents

Dear Readers,


We are so thankful for the opportunity to lead Hiking Heroes as the club continues to broaden its influence and audience. We are excited to see how the club will continue to impact others in the future and have major goals of spreading awareness of environmental issues while calling for action.


To this goal, we hope that the second edition of Hiking Heroes’ bulletin will be just as successful, if not more successful than the first edition. The goal of this bulletin is not just to inform others about current environmental issues, but to act as a guide on how you can help better the Earth. Remember, knowledge is power, but only when you know how to apply it.

As Earth continues to face detrimental environmental issues, it is becoming more imperative that we need to work together to save our planet. A quote from Robert Swan has clearly stated the need for our teamwork: “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” 


We can not keep relying on others to protect the environment for us. Everyone needs to work together to help.


We wish you the best,


Albert Kang


Seoyun (Rosie) Paek

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