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2023-2024 Senior Interviews: Jiwoo Hwang

What inspired you to join Hiking Heroes?

Jiwoo Hwang: Have always been interested in nature, mostly influenced by Denmark’s green ideals. The notion of helping protect nature while socializing with others was appealing.

What was your happiest memory from being a part of Hiking Heroes?

Jiwoo Hwang: Karaoking/singing along to songs together while hiking through the trails.

What do you hope to see Hiking Heroes accomplish in the future? 

Jiwoo Hwang: Furthering impact through collaboration with other organizations, whether that is planting trees together or having speaker events.

How do you plan on applying what you learned from Hiking Heroes to your future beyond high school? 

Jiwoo Hwang: Learned to relax and take a look around my surroundings even at stressful times; will use hiking as a method to decompress stress while contributing to my local community.

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