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2023-2024 Senior Interviews: Luie Hwang

What inspired you to join Hiking Heroes?

Luie Hwang: I wanted to experience the outdoors more than I usually do, since I don’t go outside often. 

What was your happiest memory from being a part of Hiking Heroes?

Luie Hwang: Being able to meet new friends, and being able to hangout as a group, like the barbeque we had at Ashley’s house.

What do you hope to see Hiking Heroes accomplish in the future? 

Luie Hwang: I hope that hiking heroes will be able to help not just the community around it, but the earth in its entirety.

How do you plan on applying what you learned from Hiking Heroes to your future beyond high school? 

Luie Hwang: Joining another hiking group in the future and helping them out using what I’ve learned.

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