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2023-2024 Senior Interviews: Ryan Kim

What inspired you to join Hiking Heroes?

Ryan Kim: Walking outside on my usual weekly hikes, I noticed that there was a lot of litter detracting from the natural beauty of the trails.

What was your happiest memory from being a part of Hiking Heroes?

Ryan Kim: I loved hiking on the Wolf Trap trail with friends, enjoying the scenery and feeling connected to nature.

What do you hope to see Hiking Heroes accomplish in the future? 

Ryan Kim: I hope that Hiking Heroes expands beyond the local communities and becomes a renowned organization like Habitat for Humanity or the Capital Area Food Bank.

How do you plan on applying what you learned from Hiking Heroes to your future beyond high school? 

Ryan Kim: At college, I definitely plan on joining an environmental activism or a sustainability group to continue Hiking Heroes’ vision of protecting local trails and parks.

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