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Fast Fashion

While a lot of our blog posts are very serious, environmental issues do not always have to be like such. This post is all about Fast Fashion.

For people of all ages, fashion is very important. For kids, it may be dressing up as Cinderella. For teens, it may be wearing Air Jordans. For adults, it may be wearing certain shoes (I'm not an adult so I wouldn't know).

Now, fashion is not only important to humans, but also the environment. Particularly in the aspect of Fast Fashion. What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is when store constantly put out new clothes almost every week. Still doesn't ring a bell? Think of stores like Zara, H&M, Fashion Nova, and Forever 21. Now think of every single time you have shopped on their online website or every time you have walked into their store. Have the clothes always been the same? Most likely not. As trends whiz by, companies must keep up, which is why the clothes you see are most likely different than the last time you visited. While this may seem innocent at first, imagine all the unworn clothes that end up in the trash. This trash goes to other countries to be burned, which causes CO2 emissions which greatly hurts Earth's atmosphere. However, there is more to it than CO2 emissions.

Watch: to learn more about fast fashion from one of my favorite comedians, Hasan Minhaj.

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