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Seoul Upcycling Plaza Visit

Have you heard 'Upcycling?' You can say "No." It's fine. So didn't I, but I'm sure you know what it is 'Recycling .'If 'Recycling' processes materials separated and discharged to produce products of the same characteristics, 'Upcycling' refers to creating new products with new value by adding design, technology, and ideas. I visited 'Seoul Upcycling Plaza' for my project making upcycling bags to decrease to use of plastic bags last holiday.

On the first floor, you can see many upcycling artworks in the lobby, and you can see the background of the establishment of the S.U.P. and the contents of the resource circulation. A giant robot made of colorful plastic waste and a hippo made of cardboard boxes were impressive. The robot caught my fancy because it resembled my drawing character, 'Boxbot.'; It is another me that I often draw. On one side, an exhibition hall, 'Upcycling House,' shows upcycling products, which are the products and works of the companies located there. It was a space where companies' efforts that devised and created innovative new products stood out.

On the second floor, there are shops to sell upcycling products. You can also buy the only product in the world. Since reusing materials made it, each product has different fabrics and patterns. From the third to fourth floors are spaces where upcycling companies develop upcycling products with the support of the Seoul City Government through screening here. I visited two places; one company creates D.I.Y. kits using upcycling, and another produces bags or props with used panels. The idea and design were unique and fancy, so I didn't even know if they reused materials.

This place is not just for professionals or education. Anyone can visit, and a docent tour is also available. In addition, various experience programs and events are here. So, if you plan to visit Korea on vacation, why don't you add this place to your bucket list?

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